Why do I love December? ❄️☃️

Like most people, my first thought of December is Christmas and holidays. A month of happiness, laughter, color and good intentions, at least in a large population. Individuals believe that Christmas is just another commercial trap for people to spend money. Though there is some truth in it, I, on the contrary, enjoy the magic of December and the holidays that it brings to us. And that’s why today I’m going to write why I love December and what makes me happy. 😉

  • SNOW

The favorite rainfall typical for December. Most of the people complain when they see a lot of snow but admit to yourself that it wouldn’t be magical if we were without snow on holidays. There is also skiing, sledding, snowball fighting that reminds us of why we loved snow as children.


Although most of us are decorating homes and gardens just before the holiday season, shopping centers and cities are full of decorations. Balls, lights, wreaths, reindeers, snowmen and other wonders are emerging from all sides right from the beginning of December. It is personal to me that is beautiful because it extends the feeling of happiness and the holiday atmosphere. There are families who decorate their homes much earlier, which is wonderful to me, but I prefer to keep it old style and decorate the tree on the Christmas eve.


I don’t know a person who didn’t hear for Kevin from “Home Alone”. There are also the Grinch who steals Christmas, Nightmare before Christmas, Crazy Christmas Bells, Elf, Polar Express and other inevitable movie classics. Some of them I’ve been watching a lot of times, but I never get bored because they give extra charm to December.


St. Nicolas, Christmas, New years eve and other smaller holidays adorn December. Gifts, ornaments, Christmas shopping, cakes, advent are part of Christmas fever and are simply inevitable. Whether you want a lot of gifts or not, always focus on modesty and sharing happiness and joy. Share your smile and gifts, but don’t forget the older, helpless, and poor people too which every help is important. Be generous to others, that is the true charm of the holiday season.

  • FOOD

Cookies, punch, boiled wine, hot chocolate, cakes, roasts and other delicious food are characteristic for December and holidays. Often, we can’t resist them so we get few kilograms. To avoid spending January in the gym, after each big meal, go walk through the snow and beautifully decorated streets.

Enjoy the magic of December and everything it brings, but don’t exaggerate because modesty is a virtue. 😊 I add some pictures from my collection. 🙂

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