Tattoo; Yes or No?

The first tattoo is a big decision for everyone, and if you choose wrong, you’ll need to look at your own “mistake” whole life. But if you have already decided for a tattoo, read these 5 tips that will surely help you when you’re going to paint your body.


First and most important, it is up to you to make decisions and set two of the most important questions of all.

– Can I even tattoo myself?

Consult with your dermatologist or tattoo salon about the sensitivity of your skin and whether your skin will react violently to the color. The color penetrates through the skin and can cause inflammations that can ruin your tattoo, which you certainly don’t want.

– How well do I suffer pain?

You should think about this. The intensity depends on the place you’ve decided to tattoo and about your individual sensitivity.

For other questions definitely look online or consult with your chosen tattoo master. Solve all questions before starting tattooing. It will remove the initial fear and you will “overcome” first tattooing. 😉


Don’t decide on low prices and discounts. Instead, wait and save more money for a quality tattoo that you won’t need to thicken, cover or remove. Choose tattoo salon and masters according to the recommendation and the positive reviews, no from the cost of the tattoo. Most importantly, find an experienced master who works in hygienically controlled conditions.


For those to whom is more difficult to decide what to tattoo for the first time, I recommend a smaller tattoo. I consider small tattoo by medium size. No too small motives or small letters because with age they can get dim and look like a fleck on your skin. Let it be your favorite memory or item that has a special meaning to you. If you are doubted and you aren’sure if you would like it, rather wait until you find the symbol that you will proudly carry through life.

  •     BODY PARTS

If you can’t stand the pain, select the tattoo position according to the guide. The guide is an image that shows which part of the body is more tolerant of pain, and on which parts it’s more painful. Of course, each body is different in its own way so it can hurt some people more than it’s shown in the guide. Also, I advise you if you have a more demanding employer or you think that a tattoo might be a problem with employment, choose a spot that you can easily cover with your clothing if it’s needed.


Yes, that is also important for tattooing. Summer is definitely not recommended because it is undesirable to expose tattoo to the sun and the sea in the first weeks after tattooing. Most tattoo experts will recommend you late summer, fall or winter. We also wear more layers of clothing in the fall/winter so the tattoo is more protected from exposure to sun, wind, hits and scratches. Tattoos need a certain period to heal. Through this period, take a good care and maintain it so the final result would be as you expected it to be.

My sister and I adore tattoos. We decided to share with you our tattoos we have now, but I’m sure we will not stop there. 🙂


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  1. My daughter just got her first tattoos. She has been planning them since the age of fifteen. I got my first tattoo at the age of 40. I made sure all of the tattoos I have (16) have a special meaning for me and are original to me. I am definitely planning on getting more in 2018. And you are correct, before getting a tattoo, make sure you have thought everything through first. Great post!

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