8 great shopping tips for every taste + special gift 🎁




* Make a shopping list *

Many people spend too much money on things they don`t want or will not use. Your hard earned money and precious time are worth a few minutes of prearrangement- right? So before you go shopping, get ready. Review what you already have in closets, storage or garage, then write down a list of things you really need and which you can use and combine on multiple occasions.

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* Set a budget *

In order not to step in the big minus on your bank account, I advise you to immediately set a limit budget. Whatever your budget is $50 or $500 or $5000 stop shopping once you hit that limit.





*Quality before quantity *

Many people think if they buy more cheap clothes that they will quickly fill their closet and make their dream collection. There is a mistake; poor quality clothes will soon be garbage after a couple of wraps, so you’re back at the beginning – a half empty wardrobe. I advise you, rather buy a couple of quality pieces that you`re complement in the following purchases. It may seem that it will take longer, but it will definitely pay off.





* Set a time frame*

Don`t let the whole day go unluckily at the mall. Set a specific time period for completing your purchase. When that time is over, go home. You will buy what you really need and you won`t lose all day, and you will save more money than you think.





* Don`t buy … *

… while you are hungry, tired, lonely, nervous or bored. These are just some of the emotional states that drive people to unnecessary and unplanned expense. If you feel some of these emotions simply don´t buy – do something else until you recover your emotional stability. That conscience you’ve probably heard a lot of times in your life. But if it wasn`t useful it wouldn`t have been mentioned so many times.





* Ask yourself ?! *

These are just some of the questions that will greatly help you when shopping for shopping confusion. Ask the following questions and then carefully decide do you really need that piece of clothing (or thing).

– Where will I wear this?

– Imagine it in your closet/home! Does it fit the style and the way I use it?

– Do I really like it or I would just buy it because it’s on a sale?

– Is it the same price/quality ratio?

– Do I have anything in the closet/house in that color? Can it be combined with anything at all?





* Don`t follow trends blindly *

Do all of your colleagues have these cuteآ boots? You don`t really like them, but you still want to fit in?

You are doing a mistake, buy only what suits your style and what you feel most comfortable in. Fashion trends, sometimes, are not for everyone’s taste and you don`t have to be ashamed of it. Express your own style. Someone, for a change, will copy you.





* Find a better price *

Some stores have similar “basic” collections that sometimes vary in some, harder to notice things. And the prices of the same/similar things are dizzyingly different. Why?! Because in some stores you pay the name and the brand, not the quality. So be cunning and buy smart. The wallet will be very grateful to you.





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  1. Hi DD, my name is DeeDee! I don’t see many DDs so I had to check out your blog 😊, so glad I did! It’s beautiful. I also have a lifestyle blog but I am not much of a shopper. I am usually working out, traveling or in the kitchen. I will be back for some fashion tips😉!

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