10 date ideas 💕

I’ve decided to share some of my ideas with you where you could take your best half on Valentine’s day. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to go out only on that day.  There will be something for everyone’s taste and pocket.

  •  Go to the dinner in a city you’ve never been

Of course, I don’t mean a flight by helicopter to another continent, but cities around your place of residence are an excellent idea. You’ll connect comfortable with useful. You will see a new city, try a variety of new delicacies, and at least you’ll escape from the routine of your town for a little bit.

  •   Get away weekend

Take your best half on a romantic weekend. Choose a place and ambiance according to your taste. I suggest a small wooden cottage on a secluded location (in a forest or mountain)or a weekend in a mobile house near the beach. If you are an adventurous spirit, go to the airport, get the cheapest, earliest flight to anywhere and stay there for a weekend.

  •  Romantic (home) night

If you don’t have much time to plan or simply choose the comfort of your home, I recommend romantic night at home. A bubble bath for two, a movie marathon, a home-made dinner by the candles or playing (sexy) games are just some of the ideas that can complement your romantic evening at home.

  •  Bowling

Bowling is a great choice, for a date for two or a double date. You may be a professional bowler or just a beginner, however, great entertainment is guaranteed.

  •  Picnic

Maybe it sounds old-fashioned and faded, but the picnic is one of the sweetest ideas for a date. Places are innumerable, but to make it easier for you, I recommend you my favorites. A picnic with a sunset on the beach, a picnic by the lake or the river or on the rooftop of a building (This is my favorite! You can watch the city, admire the stars and lead endless conversations).

  •  Amusement park

For all those who feel like children in soul, I recommend that you take your date in the amusement park. Test your imagination and together overcome the fear of those “the most horrible” rides and the house of fear. Challenge your strong half to win you one of stuffed animals as a memory to the beautifully spent Valentine’s Day at the amusement park. Crazy driving, cotton candy and lots of fun is waiting for you!

  •  Show

Going to the cinema, theater, comedy club or a concert is also one of the ideas. It all depends on the taste and wishes of you and your partner.

  •  Spa center

Is there a better way out of a relaxing day for you two? Common massage, sauna, pool, jacuzzi sounds like a romantic dream come true. Why wouldn’t you afford it on Valentine’s Day?

  • Go to the museum/gallery

Art! Going to the museum/gallery together and studying something “new” can be a great idea for a date.

  •  Start taking class together

Begin with a common course attendance, so each time you go to the classes you’ll have that day in week for yourself. Dance lessons, learning a new language, painting etc.; could be a great idea for a date. Not only you will spend more time together, you will also learn something new and you will support each other in learning and mastering the course.


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