Favorite outfits from my closet 👝


Thanks to everyone who participated in my Instagram poll. My followers had a choice of two topics and voted for the one they would like to read in my next post. So, today’s theme has made a convincing victory with as much as 69% of the votes (the picture at the bottom of the post).

I will share with you a small part of my closet. That is, my six favorite outfits for certain occasions.


I have separated two of my favorite combinations I wear often, that is, for everyday obligations. Let’s say when I’m going to town, work, coffee etc. The t-shirt with the characters from the “Friends” sitcom is a gift from my sister, and it’s one of my favorite shirt from my closet. In this combinations, I feel most comfortable, so I separated them as the most favorite from this category.


I usually use these two combinations for my casual occasions. I choose them for going to restaurants, birthdays or similar occasions. The tinsel sweater and lace-up boots are my most favorite clothing in this category.


I like to pick out these combinations for dinners and bigger festivities. I am a lover of heels, so I’m happy that I can get them out of closet for such occasions. I have a lot of dresses, but this long black one with flywheel is my favorite because it points out a figure and gives a sophisticated look.

My closet has been stuffed with various clothes, but of course, despite that, I can tell that I have nothing to wear. My combinations depend on the mood or occasion I’m going to. I don’t follow fashion trends blindly, I rather wear what I like.


It’s easy to get dressed by fashion, but it’s hard to dress well. This requires knowledge of one’s own body and a critical attitude towards it. Blind obedience means a lack of imagination. To smart woman, fashion is always more of a suggestion than a command.




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