Tips that will make your hair stunning 👱‍♀️

Many girls are not happy with the look and structure of their hair. It’s often a problem not adjusting hair washing and hair care products by hair type. So it is certainly important to know the exact type of hair. Below I bring you some tips for each type of hair and how to deal with “bad hair” days.

The most common problems that bother you when the hair is in question:

  1. Thin hair and slow growth


Hair thinning is affected by genetics, but stress can also cause sudden hair loss. More attention to care and less stress would be the recommended solution to your problem. Start a therapy with herbal supplements or try scalp scrubbing once a month (to remove dirt on the scalp) and improve circulation and stimulate your hair growth.

  1. “The untamed” hair


If your hair is untamed and unruly, the main cause of this is moisture. If you can “block” the water, you will solve the problem. Therefore, I recommend “anti-frizz” sprays that retain water and give hair a smooth look.

  1. Split ends


Trimming is, unfortunately, the only way to get rid of split ends. Also, moisturizing lotion or hair oil is a big plus.

  1. Greasy hair


Don’t wash your hair too often and use neutral oily hair shampoos that don’t contain chemicals that irritate the scalp. Avoid applying the hair conditioner directly to the scalp, it is advisable to apply it to the tops only and rinse with lukewarm water. Also, avoid greasy foods and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in the body.


Have you wondered what’s wrong with your hair?

  1. Tighten hair

Overtight tails or braids pull the hairs from the roots and cause damage and hair loss. Relax hair and refrain from binding.

  1. Warmth

Reduce the use of “thermal” hair styling devices. When you are forced to use it, reduce the temperature of the appliance and protect the hair with primers.

  1. UV rays

UV rays affect color damage and cause various discolorations. Before going to the beach, protect the hair with hats and sprays that contain UV protection.

  1. Color

We all know that hair dyeing damages the hair. You don’t have to give up coloring, but give your hair additional hydration with a variety of moisturizing and color protecting products.

  1. Pollution

Dirt, dust and other dirt particles can stick to the hair and eventually settle. As I mentioned above, to avoid it, treat your hair with peeling at least once a month.

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