Facts about me

Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in the Q & A challenge on my Instagram and asked me questions that interest them about me and my blog. Answers to their questions are at the end of this today’s post. I also decided to participate in the A-Z challenge where the questions were put in alphabetic letters. So today I’m taking part in two challenges with questions and answers to learn more about me. So let’s get to know me a little bit more.

A-Z challenge

A- Age

– I am 23 years old

B- Best book

– There are a lot of them because I really like to read, but I would single out 50 shades trilogy, and books from the Rizzoli & Isles series from writer Tess Gerritsen (medical criminology)

C- Color

– When I was little I loved the orange, but with age, I’m very fond of the blue and it’s currently my favorite.

D- Drink you last had

– Blueberry juice

E- Everyday start with

– Music

F- Favorite song

– Sting- Englishman in New York

G- Gold or silver

– White gold

H- Height

– 5’7.3” or 171 cm

I- In love with

– Music and books

J- Jealous

– I’m not a jealous person; I really don’t know what to say

K- Kiss or cuddle

– Both

L- Last time you cried

– Last week

M- Middle name

– I don’t have it

N- Number of the siblings

– 2 sisters

O- One wish

– Health

P- Person you last call

– Mom

Q- Question you’re always asking

– How are you?

R- Reason to smile

– Fiancé, family, friends

S- Song you last sang

– Dua Lipa – New rules

T- Time you woke up

– 08:30 AM

U- Underwear color

– Blue

V- Vacation place

– I have a wish to visit Paris and New York, so they would be my vacation place

W- Wine or beer

– Definitely wine (black or red)

X- X-rays you’ve had

– None

Y- Your favorite food

– Pie with potatoes and meat

Z- Zodiac sign

– Aries


Q&A challenge

What got you into blogging?

– I have often met with a variety of interesting blogs and liked to read them. I also love to write so I wanted to share my knowledge and other things with other people too. So I just started one day and I will continue to work until I achieve my goal.

Who is your favorite blogger?

– There are plenty of blogs I really love to read so I wouldn’t allocate anybody in particular.

What is your favorite food?

– Pie with potatoes and meat.

Where is your favorite travel destination?!

My favorite travel destination was Vienna, Austria.

Is blogging your full-time income or do you have a side hustle?

– Unfortunately, I still don’t earn from writing my blog, so it’s my hobby for now.

Where do you live and what is the population there?

– I come from Croatia. A small but beautiful country in Europe. Croatia has a population of 4,171,000.

How often do you post on your blog?

– I post 2 times a week.


If you have more questions about me and my blog, leave a comment here below the post, I’ll be happy to answer you.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I love this challenge, it is an easy icebreaker and simple way of getting to know someone. I also changed my colour as I aged. I am really fascinated by the fact that you don’t have a middle name, I don’t come across that often.

    Liked by 1 person


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