My bucket list 😉

Each of us has unfulfilled desires and plans. Today I will share with you my bucket list I would like to fill before 30th.

  1. I would like to travel more often and see various world sights. My biggest favorites are Paris, New York, London, Las Vegas.
  2. Get one more tattoo.
  3. Learn how to iceskate.
  4. Learn a new language (at least the basics).
  5.  Get married and become a mother.
  6. Become a successful blogger.
  7. Visit the Titanic Museum.
  8. Achieve a desired weight and definition of the body.
  9. Visit Elvis Presley’s (Graceland) estate.
  10. Learn how to dance Kizumba.
  11. Party on top of the roof.
  12. Acting in a movie/series.
  13. To have my little library in the house.
  14. Find a dream job.
  15.  Learn to scuba dive.

Of course, there are many more desires and dreams that come to my mind, but I’ve decided to pick only the favorites. Although I will be satisfied with the fulfillment of at least half of the list, I will certainly persist and accomplish all of them.

Do you have your bucket list? What are your favorites?

Jedna misao o “My bucket list 😉”

  1. This is a fun list! I’d definitely love to devote a room in my house to creating a library. I hadn’t heard of Kizumba before, so I had to look it up. I can see why you’d want to learn. Very sexy!

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  2. I loved this post! Really fun! I love the wedding dress in the item about getting married… I’m going on 34 years of marriage, and hoping for as many as humanly possible! Your list ideas are pretty cool! I especially love ideas #1,6,8 🙂 I loved all the photos you chose!

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  3. I can relate to so many things on your bucket list — I too want to travel to NYC and Paris, although London is happening in about 70 days and I am so so so excited. I also want to learn another language –at least the basics as you said– because I love language and words!
    Lovely post! x

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