Why you should experience bowling at least once in your lifetime? Click to find out 🎳

This Sunday my sister celebrated her 18th birthday and she decided to take the whole company in a bowling alley. To me this was the second time I visited a bowling alley, so I was delighted with her idea of a birthday celebration right there. I knew laughter and good fun were guaranteed. I was the only one out of our company, who was in the bowling alley for the second time, but my bowling experience was not significantly different from the others. This time I learned a lot more, which was also seen in the results.


For those who haven’t  had the opportunity to go bowling, but would like to, I bring the basic terms used in the bowling alley.


Pins – ten “targets” at the far end of the lane that a bowler attempts to knock down by rolling a ball at them

Weightblock – weight inside of the bowling ball

Hook – rolling the ball with enough side-spin to make the ball curve as it rolls toward the pins.

Gutter –  a gutter is a pit on each side of the lane that the bowling ball falls into. If your ball enters the gutter it is deemed a “gutter ball” and you will score no points for that throw.

Pin Deck – stand for pins

Split – a split is when a bowler knocks down all pins except the left pin and right pin on the back row causing a “split”.

Spare – knocking down the remaining pins in second throw

Strike – knocking down pins in first throw

Turkey – three strikes in a row

Hambone – four strikes in a row

Perfect Game – 12 strikes in a row


I hope I’ve made your first trip to the bowling alley at least a little easier.  For all the others who were already good it will be a little reminder.



The entire video can be viewed on my new YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tvqs8zpFBio. Also you can participate in giveaway on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BfyFQfCB6Z-/?taken-by=ddblogger


If you haven’t yet, I recommend a visit to the bowling alley. An unforgettable, fun experience with lots of laughter, ideal for social gatherings. We had a very good time and enjoyed the 3 hours of good games. I highly recommend  a bowling alley as an idea for a birthday party, or other occasions (date, Saturday’s hang out with friends or family etc.).


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  1. I’ve been bowling twice and it’s really fun! I didn’t know a Hambone is four strikes and a Perfect Game is 12 strikes. Whoever can make a Perfect Game is basically a professional lol. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for sharing.

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