How little life pleasures can ease your bad day

Each of us at least once in a lifetime meets a bad day when in the morning nothing goes by the hand. But also we should reward ourselves after hard working week full of stress and activity. All this leads to a today’s topic in which I will talk about the top 10 best ideas for life’s little pleasures that you all can, and must afford.


Imagine a warm summer evening with a blanket on the beach and a glass of favorite cocktail in hand. The better half is sitting next to you, and in the sky the color spectrum of the sun is ready to set. Also, a good sunrise can fix the beginning of the day, cup of coffee in your hand, bent in your favorite armchair watching the awakening of nature and the sun’s rays coming out. Priceless!

  •  MUSIC

I’m totally musical type. What does that mean? For me, it means solving all situations – with music. How? When I’m happy, I volume up speakers very loud and I enjoy entertaining hits. While I’m sad I put headphones in the ears with a sentimental playlist that helps me to get rid of all the sad thoughts and emotions. If you still haven’t, try it!


Sunny, warm spring afternoon is ideal for relaxation or a light nap on a hammock swinging between two trees. Birds twirling around you, the smell of blooming flowers slowly puts you to sleep and removes all the worries from your thoughts. Perfectly!

  •  PETS

It is well-known that pets are the real drivers of positive energy. Petting, walking, playing with pets can greatly boost your mood.


Pack your favorite food, snacks and drinks. Take a blanket and frisbee and spend the day outdoors with your family members, friends or your partner. Fresh natural air returns energy and raises the mood.

  •  HUGS

One honest hug of a beloved friend or partner can have a very strong impact on our body. Like a laugh, scientists have discovered that hugs also have healing properties. Research shows that the hug is very effective in treating various physical illnesses, as well as loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress. What are you waiting for? Hug each other. 🙂


Sensual kiss relax us and solves stress, raises self-confidence, but also has the effect of exercising. Add romantic environment, like a light raining or snow flakes and you’ve got the perfect little life moment which can be practiced often. Plus, it’s super romantic! 😉


Fill your bathtub with a warm, sparkling, fragrant bath full of fun bubbles. Scented candles and a glass of good wine. Sounds like good movie scene, right? Selfishly treat yourself with this little sweet life pleasure and don’t let anybody disturb you.


A good book in a couple of sequels or a movie marathon of your favorite comedy’s can greatly enhance your mood and improve your day. Especially if there is a bad weather day, get under the warm blanket, make a hot cocoa and enjoy.


Give yourself a whole afternoon of enjoyment. Edit your nails, eyebrows, make waxing, shorten your split ends, refresh your hair with a new shade of color, apply a face mask … Have time for yourself, feel much better inside and out, and save money and hours and hours spending in beauty salon. Of course, some things for which you are not professional and safe in, rather leave it to the experts to not get an opposite effect.

***Share with us what your favorite little life pleasures. 😉

38 misli o “How little life pleasures can ease your bad day”

  1. You have listed so many great ideas to ease the pressure in life and I love listening to music, play with my dog and a hot bath! We usually will play my ipod when I work out, I can assure you it really help me to ease my hot temper to happy mood again after listening to music.

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  2. these are great ideas for balancing a bad day! I must say I get my daily dose of music and beauty pampering. When the children are asleep I always do either a facial mask, a feet spa, or a nice shower with aromatherapy. It is sooo necessary t switch off in our stressful world!

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  3. Some great ideas! I love to sit and work outside (when it’s warm enough!) but I also find it very relaxing to take some time to myself and just close my eyes and listen to the beautiful songs of the many birds that come into our garden. It’s a great way to relieve stress.

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  4. I so agree with your post! No matter how bad of a day I would have, when I returned home and my two beautiful cats were waiting for me at the door, everything bad disappeared. Pets have such a big effect on our moods and they do make us feel happy!

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  5. I’m all about rewarding yourself! Music is my everyday way to keep going, so when I wanna reward myself I tend to choose different way – petting, a day in the nature, movies and a beauty salon day at home are all there! I would just add baking a little sweet, too 😀

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  6. Nothing better than a long walk in the forest near my house and a good music session to unwind after a stressful week at work. I also like to indulge in an ice cream, even in winter, at my local ice cream parlor 🙂 Thanks for the lovely post x

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