Get rid of writer’s block with these 50 amazing article ideas 🖊️

My dear bloggers, fellow writers and all those of similar interests and hobbies. Today’s topic is for all of you that ran out of ideas on what to write a few times and how to provide your readers exactly the content they are most interested in. I will share with you the top 50 ideas for all tastes and 5 different categories.


  • Top 5 beauty products of all time
  • Write a review of your favorite beauty/make up product
  • Make an make up/beauty tutorial for beginners
  • Show your readers the products that you have in your make-up bag
  • Make up tips
  • Beauty tips
  • Guide for the care of different skin types
  • Your daily make up/ beauty routine
  • A celebrity inspired makeup look
  • Top 5 nail design ideas


  • Short review of favorite kitchen accessories
  • A quick and simple lunch with just 5 ingredients
  • Cooking for beginners
  • Recipes for couples without children
  • Healthy eating guide
  • The best summer cocktails
  • The finest party canapés
  • My favorite recipes
  • Tips to quickly and easily clean kitchen
  • Recipes for busy parents


  • Travel bucket list
  • How to properly pack a suitcase
  • Share your top 5 favorite travel destinations
  • How to travel on a budget
  • Top 5 pet friendly hotels/destinations
  • How to travel with children
  • Top 5 favorite Instagram travel profiles
  • Guide through a specific city / state
  • Vlog from your favorite city
  • Share your favorite travel photos


  • Self improvement
  • Male guide to female communication
  • Careers vs job: following your passion
  • Self-sustaining lifestyle (grow your own food etc.)
  • Starting and running your own social network
  • How to become a better writer
  • Your favorite apps
  • Caring about pets
  • Top 5 favorite household tips
  • How to get rid of stress


  • Life skills/life coaching for high school students
  • Favorite childhood memory
  • An interview with someone
  • Favorite restaurants
  • 10 things I can’t live without post
  • Monthly/ yearly goals
  • Your favorite articles that you read regularly
  • Your favorite books
  • Host a giveaway
  • Create poll


I hope I’ve made you writing a little easier and broke the blockade and entered a little inspiration in your mind. Of course, there are still many categories and writing ideas I’d like to write about in the near future. How do you like these ideas? Do you have any suggestions to add to under these categories? Share it with us in the comments 🙂

Let’s connect with each other 💕

35 misli o “Get rid of writer’s block with these 50 amazing article ideas 🖊️”

  1. I run a travel blog and found this post very useful 🙂 I like the idea of my favourite Instagram profiles and pet-friendly accommodation. I would also add top vegan destinations, which I am going to cover in few months.

    Sviđa mi se

  2. DD – thank you so much for this list! I don’t know of any writer who gets stumped from time to time. This list is a wonderful way to inspire great writing and what calls to you to share. Love it!! xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence.com

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thankfully my blog is centered around a certain person so it’s hard for me to run out of ideas per se, but what *is* hard for me is the fact that I eventually want the blog to encompass more; maybe music, maybe general fashion, and I need to start moving towards that!

    Lovely post! x


    Liked by 1 person


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