5 home-based food to fight the illness

I’m not a medicine lover, and sometimes I prefer to endure or ease pain with another alternative. I’ve read a lot of books and articles about natural assistants when it comes to pain. Today I have decided to share my 5 favorites hoping to help you with minor problems.



  • Garlic is called “edible antibiotic” and helps with many problems. It seems quite apparent that garlic is a medicinal herb that in some cases may surpass the effect of remedies produced by the factory.
  • The problem is that fresh garlic has a strong taste and smell. If you want to solve the unpleasant odor of garlic from your breath, chew a few leaves of parsley.

 Why is it good for?

✔ cold and flu

✔ a toothache

✔ a sore throat

✔ inflammation of the sinuses

✔ bites and stings of insects

✔ cuts and scratches



  • Ginger, the gnarled root with distinctive, piquant taste is one of the most frequently used kitchen medicines.
  • It can be consumed as a tea, a food supplement, or simply you can eat it as a cookie.

 Why is it good for?

✔ calms the stomach

✔ indigestion

✔ nausea

✔ heartburn

✔ a cough

✔ wind and flatulence



  •  With delicious flavor and scent, chamomile is one of the favorite types of tea. It has a gentle and calming effect on many problems.
  •  You can use it’s dried flowers, various creams or tea.

Why is it good for?

✔ dental problems

✔ allergic rash

✔ nourishing the nerve and stimulating sleep

✔ stress

✔ cold and flu

✔ menstrual pain



  • Lavender is a perennial herb that has a long history of healing.
  • It’s a strong fragrance and is most commonly used in making perfumes, soaps, fragrances, essential oils and creams.

Why is it good for?

✔ anxiety

✔ unpleasant body odor

✔ dandruff

✔ problems with ear

✔ insomnia

✔ oily skin



  • Lemon is an extremely rich source of medicinal compounds and vitamin C.
  • When you eat a lemon slice or drink fresh lemonade, you get much more than the sour taste in your mouth.

Why is it good for?

✔ age spots

✔ unpleasant body odor

✔ herpes

✔ oily hair and skin

✔ inflammation of the throat

✔ nausea


  • There are many more of medicinal plants and preparations that help with the everyday problems. These 5 would be considered as my favorites.
  • Do you have your home favorites? What are you using for a minor problems? Share your opinion with us. 😉




32 misli o “5 home-based food to fight the illness”

  1. Great post – It’s made me want to focus more on natural ingredients rather than running to the nearest drug store… If I could fill my whole house with lavender I definitely would!!!

    Sviđa mi se

  2. In the past sixth months, I haven’t taken any form of medications whatsoever besides of course, my vitamins. I can testify to the fact that every single one of these foods works to help fight the sick days! This is a cute little post; thanks for sharing!

    Sviđa mi se

  3. Ginger tea can provide relief when you catch a nasty cold. It is really effective.
    And, I love to put a few drops of lemon in my tea every now and then. I did not know it helps with oily hair and skin. I will have lemon tea every day from now on.

    Sviđa mi se

  4. I love this post. if given the choice between pills and natural remedies I choose natural remedies all the time. My fave is lavender. The good thing about natural remedies is that they are cheap and very effective without all the nasty side effects .

    Sviđa mi se


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