Meet our pet Micka

Hello everyone!

I would dedicate today’s blog to pets, more specifically, I would like to introduce you our pet Micka.

  •  On the day 17.09.2017. my fiancé came home with a small ball of fur from which two frightened eyes peeked. He found her on the forest path, frightened, forsaken, alone and starving. We immediately decided to “adopt” her temporarily until she strengthened a little bit. But this sweet little ball of fur has totally got under our skin, and she has become our first pet. She was about a month old and she was so tiny that she fitted in a palm of a hand.


  • In the beginning, we thought she was a male and we gave her the name “Micko”, but soon we got to know the real sex and we just decided to switch the name to “Micka” because she was getting used to it and started answering on that name. We spoiled her all the way and she has become a little boss of our house. She had received everything she liked and we didn’t have the heart to “face her”.


  • She is already 10 months old and almost like a family member. She makes us happier and we couldn’t imagine a household without her meowing and protesting when she doesn’t like something. She’s a big sleepyhead and a real gurman. Her favorite place to sleep is my work chair on wheels and her crib. She gladly likes to escape through the window and run around the estate, but as soon as hunger starts she quickly remembers where her house is. 🙂 She likes to pet, but only when she wants, when she’s doesn’t want to be petted, she lightly bites and escapes.


  • Pranks are now an integral part of the day. Everything that comes easily under her paw is always broken. Micka like to drink milk from the coffee pots like a real lady, and one of her favorite hobbies is spending long hours of sitting in front of windows and stalking anything that moves. I will share with you a couple of short videos, so you can laugh at her pranks that we experience every day.




Pets are fun and laughter of every home and true and loyal furry friends. So if you have the opportunity to adopt or rescue abandoned or abused animals without thinking do it NOW! We didn’t regret that we saved this little furry soul from the dangerous forest. And she returned it to us in a thousand ways throught funny times, endless love and loyalty.



Do you have a pet too? What’s his/her name? Did you also manage to save abandoned fur soul? Write to us! 🙂


32 misli o “Meet our pet Micka”

  1. So crazy! My parents have a cat who looks very similar who has almost the same story. Thought it was a girl, turned out to be a boy. Showed up in their yard a few times as a teeny little kitten.

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