DIY flower board

First of all, I would like to thank my fiancé and mum who helped me to create this beautiful flower board.

A few months ago I saw an article with beautiful photos and ideas for decorating the garden and home. There were no guidelines or instructions so I just screenshotted a photo of the idea that I liked. The original idea is similar to my current, but it isn’t nearly simple to do something without some guidelines and instructions. But creative as I am, I didn’t need to think too much and I created the idea in my head and decide to include my fiancé (the power of this project) and my mum who decorated this amazing jars with decoupage technique, for me. I have decided to share the process with you so that you can decorate your home (or garden, maybe a terrace) with this wonderful decoration.

Required tools:

  • wooden board (it can be ordinary, I have used carved here)
  • jars (can be decorated as mine and don’t have to – your choice)
  • white color for wood
  • paintbrush
  • iron hoop
  • nails and screws (screwdriver or drill)
  • hot glue
  • flowers


I chose a carved board and asked fiancé to cut it asymmetrically from each side (see picture). I painted the board in white (you choose the color as you wish, you can even leave the color of the wood, but then it is desirable to at least varnish the board), I put two coats of white color, I didn’t varnish it because the color I chose in it also has a lacquer. We took iron hoops and shaped them and adjusted them on the jar, and with the help of hot glue, we attached the hoops to the jars. Then we attached the hoops to the board (which was previously dried for about 2 hours in the sun) and left altogether to dry for about 1 hour. After an hour we decided to plant flowers. Let someone help you and hold the board with the jars as you carefully transplant the flowers in the jar (select the resistant and smaller flowers that match the size of the jar with further growth). And that’s basically all. You choose the length of the board and the amount of jar you will put on it. We enjoyed making this beautiful decorative stand for flowers. I placed it on a wall above the table in the dining room and looks very sophisticated and elegant.

We also had and little helper 🙂

How do you like our DIY project? Write us, we can’t wait to hear your opinions. 🙂


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