Everything happens for a reason

_All photo’s here are taken by me, enjoy 🙂 _

Wonderful 23 years I lived in the capital of our country. I didn’t dream thought about moving to another city. But life writes strange stories and connects incompatible. I swapped urban bustle and nervousness with a sound of the waves and the smell of the sea. It sounds perfect and you’re probably wondering why am I complaining?! Read my story …

My hometown – Zagreb


My hometown – Zagreb

Although moving often isn’t novelty to me, it’s hard to separate from family and pack things and memories in a moving van. But fate and love for my fiance is stronger than any obstacle in life. After long calculations, addition, and subtraction, with big difficulty, I decided to move to his hometown. I didn’t have anything to lose, so it was worth a try. I’m not a person who runs away from challenges, I’ve always accepted them somehow wide-handed. So it was now. Everything was happening fast and at that moment I didn’t have time for a lot of grief.

My hometown – Zagreb


My hometown – Zagreb

Adaptation was the hardest. New people, new environment, dialect, customs, and way of life and style. I, alone, in the town where I only knew my fiancé. The summers here are beautiful, the sea and the sun, it’s just relaxing. You feel like you are on vacation all summer, no matter when you spend a good part of the day at work. Then winter came, and with it the cold and gale. It blew all joy out of town. The city was a desert, nowhere noisy crowds that I am used to. There are no shopping centers, disco clubs and various nonsense at every corner. There’s no tram, or even city buses. I missed my family and old friends. Eh, the city kid, you just complain, old people would say.

And then something changed. I started to feel more relaxed, I had more time for myself and my loved ones. The hustle and bustle of life, the tide and the nervousness here as if they don’t exist. I even had time for some hobbies. The nature that surrounds me has given me strength and will to go further. To my fiancé it meant a lot that I got used to it and that loved his hometown. Something in my head became serious, I started caring about things I didn’t care about before.

My new town – Senj
29792162_1584874358307745_1548239009019330560_o (1)
My new town – Senj

Now, a year after, I feel like I’ve always lived here. I know a lot more people than before, I’ve adapted everything that this tiny little town offers and I’m grateful that it accepted me. Still, I miss my city and my family, but the sound and smell of the sea with morning coffee is something priceless. I am in touch regularly with my closest family “up there”, mileage isn’t a problem for the real family. I often come across as a “tourist” in my hometown to see “whether everything is in its place”. I return here with filled heart and continue my “new life”. This peace can hardly replace something. Although I am still a “city” child in the soul and I love my hometown, I am grateful for accepting the new offered opportunity and discovering the charm of some new things.

My new town – Senj
My new town – Senj

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  1. I have gone through this same type of thing. I moved 1.5 hrs away from my home. It is just my boyfriend and me now. It is a hard adjustment, but it does get better. I am glad you are enjoying your town now. It looks stunning!

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