Favorite outfits from my closet 👝

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL ... 💕 Thanks to everyone who participated in my Instagram poll. My followers had a choice of two topics and voted for the one they would like to read in my next post. So, today's theme has made a convincing victory with as much as 69% of the votes (the picture… Continue reading Favorite outfits from my closet 👝


Organize your closet ;)

Most of us can't afford separate rooms that serve as large closets, so today I bring you a couple of tips to arrange all the clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories in your existing closets. We will start with the most common causes of mess in the closet: -Limited space People don`t usually know how to make the… Continue reading Organize your closet 😉


How to look good in photos?

You don’t like how you look on photos? Here are a few simple tips to look good on each photo. LIGHTENING In semi-dark rooms or at night, without good lighting, every picture looks bad. If you are able, take photos outdoors (natural light always makes the picture better and any natural background gives the picture… Continue reading How to look good in photos?