Everything happens for a reason

_All photo's here are taken by me, enjoy 🙂 _ Wonderful 23 years I lived in the capital of our country. I didn’t dream thought about moving to another city. But life writes strange stories and connects incompatible. I swapped urban bustle and nervousness with a sound of the waves and the smell of the… Continue reading Everything happens for a reason


Learn Croatian with me 🇭🇷

My dear, As the new year arrived, I saw that many of you wrote articles about new year decisions that contains learning of something new. That's why I was thinking why wouldn’t we start something special, for example to learn Croatian. In fact, it's wise to know a few foreign languages in life. Along with… Continue reading Learn Croatian with me 🇭🇷


Weekend getaway? Zavižan

As a place to be visited, regardless of age, I certainly recommend Zavižan. I visited that place several times and every time I was thrilled with the beauty that nature offers us. It is easiest to reach Zavižan via the main entrance to the Park - Babić Siče from the direction of Oltar and Krasno.… Continue reading Weekend getaway? Zavižan


Kamo za vikend? Zavižan

Kao mjesto koje obavezno treba posjetiti,bez obzira na dob, svakako preporučam Zavižan. Posjetila sam ga nekoliko puta i svaki put sam iznova oduševljena ljepotom koju nam priroda pruža. Do Zavižana je najlakše doći preko glavnog ulaza u Park – Babić Siče iz pravca Oltara i Krasna. Za sve koji nisu upoznati sa pojmom Zavižana tipkam… Continue reading Kamo za vikend? Zavižan