Easter joy (+ surprise) 🐣🐰

About Easter: Easter is one of the biggest holidays of Christianity, that’s the day of Resurrection of Jesus Christ. On the day of Resurrection 40 days are counted from Ash Wednesday, the time which is called Lent. One of the oldest sources about Easter is Passover 2nd century homily written by Meliton Sardski. Symbols and traditions: With the celebration of Easter… Continue reading Easter joy (+ surprise) 🐣🐰


10 date ideas 💕

I've decided to share some of my ideas with you where you could take your best half on Valentine’s day. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to go out only on that day.  There will be something for everyone's taste and pocket.  Go to the dinner in a city you've never been Of course, I don’t… Continue reading 10 date ideas 💕