DIY flower board

First of all, I would like to thank my fiancé and mum who helped me to create this beautiful flower board. A few months ago I saw an article with beautiful photos and ideas for decorating the garden and home. There were no guidelines or instructions so I just screenshotted a photo of the idea… Continue reading DIY flower board


Meet our pet Micka

Hello everyone! I would dedicate today's blog to pets, more specifically, I would like to introduce you our pet Micka.  On the day 17.09.2017. my fiancé came home with a small ball of fur from which two frightened eyes peeked. He found her on the forest path, frightened, forsaken, alone and starving. We immediately decided… Continue reading Meet our pet Micka


5 home-based food to fight the illness

I'm not a medicine lover, and sometimes I prefer to endure or ease pain with another alternative. I've read a lot of books and articles about natural assistants when it comes to pain. Today I have decided to share my 5 favorites hoping to help you with minor problems.   GARLIC Garlic is called "edible… Continue reading 5 home-based food to fight the illness