My bucket list 😉

Each of us has unfulfilled desires and plans. Today I will share with you my bucket list I would like to fill before 30th. I would like to travel more often and see various world sights. My biggest favorites are Paris, New York, London, Las Vegas. Get one more tattoo. Learn how to iceskate. Learn a new language (at least the basics).  Get married and become a… Continue reading My bucket list 😉


Learn Croatian with me 🇭🇷

My dear, As the new year arrived, I saw that many of you wrote articles about new year decisions that contains learning of something new. That's why I was thinking why wouldn’t we start something special, for example to learn Croatian. In fact, it's wise to know a few foreign languages in life. Along with… Continue reading Learn Croatian with me 🇭🇷


Tips for easier learning 📖👓🖊️

Whatever you are, a high school or college student, studying has always been a torment. When we were little kids, parents always reminded us of how important knowledge is. However, as we grow it's more difficult to concentrate and force ourselves to study. I will try to give you a couple of tips I have… Continue reading Tips for easier learning 📖👓🖊️