Facts about me

Hello everyone! First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in the Q & A challenge on my Instagram and asked me questions that interest them about me and my blog. Answers to their questions are at the end of this today's post. I also decided to participate in the A-Z challenge where… Continue reading Facts about me


Tips that will make your hair stunning 👱‍♀️

Many girls are not happy with the look and structure of their hair. It’s often a problem not adjusting hair washing and hair care products by hair type. So it is certainly important to know the exact type of hair. Below I bring you some tips for each type of hair and how to deal… Continue reading Tips that will make your hair stunning 👱‍♀️

Guest post 😊 10 ways to organize your makeup vanity station on a budget

Today I present you a post, of our guest, my dear colleague Lam Bam. I’m a bit of beauty product junkie . It took me a long time to learn how to organize my makeup vanity station.   I later found out that having a good organized makeup station makes my makeup application easier and… Continue reading Guest post 😊 10 ways to organize your makeup vanity station on a budget

Sunshine blogger award🌞 (my #1 nomination)☺️

Dear my companions, I am honored to announce that I am nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I started writing a blog 01.10.2017. and in these almost 4 months, I met wonderful people. I'm glad someone remembers my effort and follows my work on my blog. It is a great pleasure to write for you;… Continue reading Sunshine blogger award🌞 (my #1 nomination)☺️

5 ways to sleep perfectly

Are you suffering from insomnia or just want to have a fair sleep after a long time? Read these 5 tips that will surely help you out. SHOWERING It's advisable to do a shower just before going to bed because it relaxes the body. Also, adjust your water temperature as you wish because it also… Continue reading 5 ways to sleep perfectly