5 ways to sleep perfectly

Are you suffering from insomnia or just want to have a fair sleep after a long time? Read these 5 tips that will surely help you out.   SHOWERING It's advisable to do a shower just before going to bed because it relaxes the body. Also, adjust your water temperature as you wish because it… Continue reading 5 ways to sleep perfectly


How to look good in photos?

You don’t like how you look on photos? Here are a few simple tips to look good on each photo. LIGHTENING In semi-dark rooms or at night, without good lighting, every picture looks bad. If you are able, take photos outdoors (natural light always makes the picture better and any natural background gives the picture… Continue reading How to look good in photos?

What your favorite color says about you?

We use color in life for a variety of things. Sometimes, without any words, with just one color you can describe an emotion or event. RED   We connect red color with energy, love, power and passion. Red is dominant and one of the most noticeable colors. Lighter shades of red indicate femininity, romance and… Continue reading What your favorite color says about you?

The most popular women’s trends in 2017.

Every year, many trends come out to the public. Most trends popularize celebrity stars from domestic and foreign scenes. They are then mass-produced and advertised to be available to everyone. We worship some of them and some we can´t imagine on anyone (especially not on ourselves :)). This time I decided to share with you… Continue reading The most popular women’s trends in 2017.

Najpopularniji ženski trendovi iz 2017.

Svake godine u javnost izađe mnogo trendova. Većinu trendova populariziraju celebrity zvijezde s domaće i strane scene. Nakon toga se masovno proizvode i reklamiraju kako bi bili dostupni svima. Neke od njih obožavamo, a poneke ne možemo zamisliti na ikome (a kuda na sebi 🙂 ). Ovoga puta sam odlučila s vama podijeliti top 10… Continue reading Najpopularniji ženski trendovi iz 2017.

Favourite moments in 2017.

People at the end of the year make decisions what they will improve and which bad things will they leave in the upcoming year. I have never set certain goals, but I’ve always wanted to make the most of the new 365 days that my life offers me. When I let go of 2017, I… Continue reading Favourite moments in 2017.

Najdraži trenutci iz 2017.

Ljudi na kraju godine donose odluke što će u svome životu poboljšati i kojih će se loših stvari odreći u nadolazećoj godini. Ja nikada nisam postavljala određene ciljeve, nego sam uvijek željela što bolje iskoristiti novih 365 dana koje mi život nudi. Opraštajući se od 2017.godine prisjetila sam se svih trenutaka koji su mi obilježili… Continue reading Najdraži trenutci iz 2017.