Drugi početak

Svoj prvi (povratnički) blog sam nazvala -drugi početak- jer sam se nakon duže stanke vratila pisanju blogova, a drugi razlog ćete ubrzo shvatiti nakon što pročitate ovaj tekst. Ostavila sam nekoliko prijašnjih blogova, od prije par godina da imate zanimaciju uz kavu. Jeste li se ikad zapitali koliko uopće poznate osobe koje pratite na društvenim… Continue reading Drugi početak

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Achieve your goals successfully

Each of us has a goal in life. One or more of them, it's totally irrelevant, only thing that's relevant is how many of them we can achieve. What's yours? Do you want to lose weight? Go back to a great shape? Earn/save money? Having goals is easy part. Achieving them? That's something else. If… Continue reading Achieve your goals successfully


Features of spring cleaning that makes everyone love it

We all clean our households regularly, but from when we were little, general annual cleaning is widely known to us. One of the most famous is spring cleaning. We put our winter clothes in the storage and we clean every corner of the house. Finally, the garden comes in line and we have full hands… Continue reading Features of spring cleaning that makes everyone love it


How little life pleasures can ease your bad day

Each of us at least once in a lifetime meets a bad day when in the morning nothing goes by the hand. But also we should reward ourselves after hard working week full of stress and activity. All this leads to a today’s topic in which I will talk about the top 10 best ideas… Continue reading How little life pleasures can ease your bad day


Tips that will make your hair stunning 👱‍♀️

Many girls are not happy with the look and structure of their hair. It’s often a problem not adjusting hair washing and hair care products by hair type. So it is certainly important to know the exact type of hair. Below I bring you some tips for each type of hair and how to deal… Continue reading Tips that will make your hair stunning 👱‍♀️